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Sprout’s Chat

Very Easy and healthy breakfast/ snack, specially for youths staying away from home.



  1. sprouted moong- one bowl
  2. Sprouted gram (chana)- one bowlblack salt
  3. pepper powder
  4. white salt
  5. Roasted and grinded cumin seeds
  6. Asfoetida
  7. cumn seeds-1/2 tspoon
  8. Onion- one medium sized (Finally chopped)
  9. green chillies finally chopped -2
  10. 1/2tspoon oil/ghee
  11. Corriender leaves

Method of Sprouting-Soak gram and  whole moong ( Khadi Moong) for 6-7 hours. Drain water and tie it in muslin cloth keep it in a basket (it should have aeration), It take 8 to 12 hours to sprout depending on the atmospheric temperature.

Open muslin cloth when grains are sprouted. Separate unsprouted seed and wash it under water. Your sprouts are ready for use.

  1. Take a pan heat ghee/oil till steaming hot. Put cumin seeds and asfoetida. Add sprouts the moment cumin seeds start crackling. add green chillies and little water to it,  Cook it for 5-7 minutes.
  2.  Sprouts will become soft.  Now add black pepper, black salt and roasted cumin seeds.
  3. Garnish it with finally chopped onion and coriander leaves. You can squeeze half lemon and add bikaneri bhujia to enhance its taste. Those who like curd can add curd to it.

Sprouts can be eaten without cooking . Omit step one simply add all other ingredients and enjoy. This will be more healthy and convenient.


If you want you can add even boiled and mashed potato to it .top it with round mthari ( used in Bhel) Sprout bhel is ready.